Kelley Carboni-Woods

Kelley Carboni-Woods is a mother, wife, business owner and wellness advocate. She decided to become a yoga teacher to make sure more people of color were introduced to the living practice of yoga. Her own practice has aided her in navigating marriage, the births of her two sons and most recently the death of a close family member. She is committed to making the healing power of this living practice accessible to all. Her style of teaching is focused on exposing each student to the aspects of yoga that go beyond the physical postures. Besides her weekly community class offerings, Kelley offers monthly workshops, private and corporate yoga sessions and seasonal retreats. All of her offerings and schedules can be found on her blog  Recently she published a book, “Manifest: 30 Days of Intentional Mantras”, based on the mantras and writings she shares in her classes and workshops. Kelley is also the co-host of a weekly podcast called The Get Well Podcast, which focuses on wellness for people of color.


“Wellness is our birthright. I am committed to creating space for healing on an individual level, so that we may be a ripple of healing for the world.”  – Kelley Carboni-Woods