Faith Hunter

Meet Faith Hunter, DC/NYC based Yoga instructor, global traveler, & Lifestylist, sprinkled with a dash of Louisiana charm. Faith began her life long love affair with yoga in the early 90s as a way to cope as her beloved brother Michael was dying from a complication related to AIDS. Through meditation and mindfulness Faith was able to release her fears and experience an awakening from within. From that day forward, she committed herself to sharing these practices with the world. Always eager to learn, explore, and share, Faith is an inspiring and generous mentor to yoga practitioners of all skill levels.

She is the creator of Spiritually Fly™, a philosophy that celebrates every moment of life, and uses yoga’s tools of sound both chanting & music, breath, and movement, in a fresh and modern way to encourage students to embrace their unique flow in life – on and off the mat. Her passionate and free-spirited teaching style is influenced by her study in Vinyasa , Ashtanga and kundalini. A next generation yoga teacher Faith blends Classic yogic principles and real world personal experiences into an Integrated Flow that is totally grounded & Spiritually Fly™. Faith also owns Embrace Yoga DC, yoga training & community center located in Adams Morgan – a multicultural nest of Washington DC. Both 200 and 500 level yoga certifications are offered.

A favorite choice for mass yoga gatherings Faith has taught at yoga at the great lawn, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, The White House Easter Egg Roll and is an esteemed faculty member for Kripalu. She tours internationally teaching yoga workshops, teacher trainings, and public appearances. Faith is also a media darling having graced the covers of Yoga Journal (twice), Om Yoga & Lifestyle (UK based), Origin Magazine, and Sweat Equity. She has also appeared in Essence, Black Enterprise, Washington Post, Women’s Health, and several publications and numerous blogs. Faith is currently a Brand Ambassador for Nubian Heritage, Bali Malas, and is one of the Lead Yoga Experts for BeachBody!


Get Spiritually Fly! Absorbing the pure essence of the yoga practice and merging the eclectic beauty of her own life, Faith Hunter’s style, Spiritually Fly™, speaks to awakening and honoring the divine energy of life that flows through the body and soul. She incorporates the purity of breath, yogic philosophy, self-discovery in the asana, chanting, modern mystical sounds, and her colorful Louisiana upbringing to create a transformational experience that encourages you to dial into your own personal flow on and off the mat. Faith has been called “Spiritually Fly” because of her dynamic transformational spirit and soulful modern approach to the practice of yoga, and her ability to deeply connect with people from all walks of life. She is truly a new form of yogi that takes yogic principles and intuitively merges in personal experiences to create a wellness lifestyle that is grounded, integrated, and fused with the fullest of life.


Spiritually Fly Master Class
Inspired by her Sunday morning class in DC, Faith will merge a creative blend of yoga postures, breath, and soulful music that will awaken, ignite and stimulate the divine goddess or god in you. This flowing asana practice will incorporate moments of uncovering deep emotions, joyous laughter, pulsating ecstasy, and at each step you will find your way into the flow of your natural self. The practice will include short lecture highlighting the Spiritually Fly Sutras, a flowing vinyasa class inspired by the qualities of the deities, infused with kriyas, and inspirational standing, balancing and an inversion postures. In closing, you will drop into the depths of hips, delicious restorative, and meditation. By finding your own flow in the practice, you will be nourished by the divine and connect to your “spiritually fly” self.

Move Like Honey in the Hips
Move like Honey in the hips and feel the transformation in your heart. The hips hold tension on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. No wonder so many people request hip opening postures during a regular yoga class. Join Faith in a cleansing, awakening, and blissful session that will focus on the second chakra, and enable you to experience fluid, transformative and delicious movement in the body. By the end of the workshop, you will have emptied some of your unwanted baggage, and come away with a few hippy tools to help you Move Like Honey in you every aspect of your life.

Reggae Dancehall
This workshop is a tribute to the powerful influence reggae music has on the world, and how it helps us to cultivate a One Love spirit. Faith will have an inspirational playlist along with a joyous blend of sequences that will not only have you dancing, grooving, but you will definitely feel HIGH vibrations pour through. Bring an open heart and be prepared to set your spirit FREE!

Just Breathe (Breath work & Meditation)
Pranayama (breath work) consciously controls the flow of breath, and enhances the flow of energy in the body. A regular, balanced pranayama practice increases life energy, which invites greater mental clarity, heightened healing potential, and deeper self-understanding. During this session, Faith will sweetly guide you through a gentle practice that creatively synchronizes movement with breath, incorporates heating and cooling pranayama, calms the mind for meditation, lifts the spirit through chanting, and supports your heart to make it easy to be you.

Inspired by Faith’s personal yoga practice and her passion for afro beats, bass, rhythms and lyrics of hip-hop, R&B, NeoSoul and World music, this soulfully crafted practice will have you feeling the burn within every inch of who you are…body, mind & SOUL. Designed to inspire, her high-spirited Vinyasa experience will shake your core, ignite your soul, and make you SWEAT. Allow the music to take high as you tune into you and FLY. There will be a mix of flowing back, inversions, arm balances and other playful transitions.

Foundation and Flow (Beginner Workshop)
Inspired by videos she created with BeachBody Yoga, Faith has designed a workshop for beginners and students that wish to refine their practice by clearly understanding the principles of Vinyasa Flow. Learn how one posture and enhances the next, breathing techniques, how the breath support the asana practice, and deepen you understanding with a brief philosophy lesson. Utilize this workshop learn key transitions and random poses that seem to fall on the side during the flow.

Fierce, Fire & Float (Inversions & Arm Balances)
Awaken the fire and ignite your fierce inner strength with a flowing asana and inversion experience. Faith’s passionate energy will have you tapping into the hidden depths of your soul, and harness your inner power. She will lead you through a playful practice on your hands that build confidence, strength and stability. Designed for intermediate/advanced yogis, the practice will be blissfully challenging, yet filled with encouragement and numerous modifications for many levels. As you experience the freedom to balance on your hands, you will walk away with valuable tools and techniques that make inversions and arm balances fearless, fun & fierce. Open yourself to the possibilities!

Heart and Soul
Faith will lead you on an experimental compassionate heart opening journey that is designed to help bring awareness to your heart chakra (Anahata Chakra), and transform your life by uncovering a place of pure bliss and divine spiritual awakening. Through a targeted asana practice including deep backbends, meditation, and mantras, you will be able to channel powerful heart energy, connect to your true essence, and rediscover the Divine sacredness and love in yourself, others and the world around you.

Get in Deep…Twist & Bind
Join Faith as she leads you through a soulful and playful experience of fire and heat inspired by the 3rd chakra. You will learn a variety of twists, abdominal strengtheners, and deep breathing techniques that are therapeutic, cleansing, and purifying to the body and soul. She will also get you deep into some of her favorite binds and shoulder openers. This healing workshop will enable you to tap into your power center, experience moments of pain and ecstasy, and increase your sense of awareness as you connect breath and body. Feel the digestive fires burning, remove the toxins from your physical and emotional body, and get deep into the soul.

Chakra Healing for the Soul
The chakras are energy centers within our bodies that serve as pathways to awaken and rebalance the body and soul. When these areas are blocked, we are unable to to move and function effortlessly in life. Chakra Healing for the Soul will focus on grounding, fluidity, personal power, love, truth, intuition, and higher connection. During this workshop, Faith will incorporate yoga postures, mudras, mantras, and sound to release, tune and awaken the pathway. The session will include a mix of lecture, and Spiritually Fly Hatha sequencing. Bring a mat and journal.

Vagina Warrior: Awaken the Sacred Goddess (Women Only)…2-hr, 4-hr or Full Day Immersion
Regain your ancient sense of feminine power. This workshop provides an opportunity to peel back the layers and awaken your fierce inner goddess. Learn to: liberate your spirit by facing your fears, harnessing your warrior strength, and celebrating your unique qualities; reclaim your bright light through yoga, mantras, sound, and creative movement; and open the doorway to your “womb wisdom” and create a pathway to healing through meditation, listening, and self-awareness. Bring a journal.


Chakra Sequencing
Teachers will learn how to sequence classes and workshops based on the chakras utilizing asana, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting, mantra & meditation. The session will also include: sample sequences, ways to merge yogic approaches to design a well crafted chakra class, and techniques to help student absorb the experience. Lecture & Asana

Mantras, Music and Moves
Designed for yoga teachers who wish to create inspirational experiences infused with thoughtful and powerful rhythms and vibrations. During a yoga class it is up to the teacher to cultivate an energy that takes the student to another level. Sound (music and mantras) can be utilized as a pathway to inspire, motivate and ignite the bliss in the room. In this workshop we will talk about voice, mantras, and how to sequence a class utilizing a playlist that building with the experience. In addition, we will discuss working a DJ or live musicians, how music and silence play equally in the practice, and ways you as the teacher can get creative in expanding your musical taste. Lecture and Asana

Spiritually Fly Sequencing (Advanced Postures & Inversions) & Finding Your Voice
Teachers will the learn an assortment of sequences, advanced asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting, mantra, meditation and other techniques for creating a Spiritually Fly yoga class. The session will also include a focus on language, tone and diction, communicating with students in class and online, developing dharma talks, and overall communication styles. Lecture & Asana

Assisting/Hands-on Adjustments: Energy, Breath & Stillness
This module will primarily focus on the connecting with your students through personalized hands-on assists. You will also learn to how observe and watch bodies via the understanding of subtle energy, and learn to create your own adjustments by learning the principles of Thai massage. You will actually have time to practice adjustments and refine your personalize method of assisting. Lecture & Asana

Cultivating a Powerful Voice for Yoga Teachers
In this lecture you will learn how to develop powerful language (verbal & non-verbal), craft effective dharma talks that empower, and share the practice in a way that will inspire and motivate your students. Faith will also share your personal stories to create space and transform energy while you are teaching. Lecture & Asana





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