Kim Moon

Kim Moon of LunaSea – Vocal Performance Teaching Artist, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Sound Celebrant, Ethnomusicologist and Bhakti Yogini. I paint my passions for a balanced world, one frequency at a time.

Moon heads a community and wellness Art Ministry, LUNASEA, and directs The Crystal Sound Orchestra– a performance arts outreach ensemble and therapeutic workshop platform. She continues to be inspired as a Montessori Music and Sensory Sound Exploration Teacher, Choral Director, Energetic Healer, as well as an advocate for the enhancement and creative integration of the developmentally gifted. She has a great passion for social awareness and integrative community lifestyles.

A Bachelor of Music Production Recording Technology, Vocal Performance and Ethnomusicology Certificate graduate of Shenandoah Conservatory & American University in Cairo, Kim has studied, taught and performed in such places as The White House, Strathmore and in countries as Tanzania and Egypt. She unites people through wellness and worship, sharing rousing offerings of artistry at its finest throughout community centers, festivals, churches, schools, yoga studios and beyond.

Growing throughout the last decade as a focal member of various musical acts/bands such as The Unknown Origins (rock, funk, R&B, Jam), Groove 11 (funk, R&B, hip-hop), Zingara (World-Classical, art-piece ensemble), Amphibious Apes (Avant-Garde, minimalist progressive art-rock), Raa Djarsi (Middle-Eastern, Indian, New Age, meditation), Puzzlers Of Ptah (spoken word, world groove, soul), Roots A Risin (Roots, Folk, Rock), two Jazz trios and beyond; there are many sides of the Moon on the rise.

Kimberly considers herself a humble scribe of the divine, merely allowing words and tones to move through her freely as ripples extend within a body of water. Her strengths resonate within complete improvisation. As a writer and scribe, her celestial messages echo her calling to awaken the powers of the heart through integrity of balanced action.

She recalls a journal entry at the ripe age of 7, which states, “I will change the world, and it will be through music.” Now, with a clearer appreciation of that sound, Kimberly exposes light of ancient wisdom reborn as an innovative artist and teacher whom puts wellness and community at the forefront of her passions.
With a captivating, daring and ambitious spirit, Kim Moon’s eclectic performances take you on a journey through global sparks of creative life force. Embodying genres far and wide with dynamic imagery, her poetic compositions and sacred messages entwine poly rhythmic grace with anciently awakening vocals, leaving you dancing in realms of motivational bliss & integrity.


Having been compared to the offspring of a Theremin and Vibraphone, Moon is a dynamic vocal performance artist, multi-instrumentalist, ethnomusicologist, reiki master teacher, and sonic spinner of Bhakti. Her style is an arcane whirlwind of daring spoken word, jazz, new age hip-hop, chant, folk, rock, opera, roots, cabaret, electronic and many worldly traditions all enwrapped with timeless improvisation and presence.


Moon swells with a cappella grooves, unconventional polyrhythmic percussion, thrilling strands of harmonies, interpretive dervish dance and powerful lyrics, radiating audiences in wonderment of creation at its finest. Her sonic spinning of spirit and shamanic practices are full of “infectious enthusiasm,” and she centers herself as a humble scribe of divine, allowing tones and words to move through her as tides in the ocean.


Chandra Kirin Kaur (Kim Moon) has been practicing (vinyasa/hatha) yoga since the age of 14, Bhakti yoga since childhood & kundalini yoga since 2011, completing her 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 under Jala Yoga’s Christa Mastrangelo Joyce. She graduated in 2010 from Shenandoah Conservatory & American University in Cairo, Egypt with a Bachelor of Music in Music Production Recording Technology (focus in sonic engineering of binaural applications for therapeutic use), Certificate of Ethnomusicology (concentration in Arabic Music Modal Systems & Neo-Byzantine Chant) and Certificate of Vocal Performance (Classical, Neo-Byzantine, 20th Century music concentration). She has complete various energetics and sound healing intensives, including one with sound healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman & Russil Paul at the Edgar Cayce ARE institute. Chandra is a Certified Usui Reiki Master & an Amadeus Shamanic Energy Practitioner, and enjoys combining all platforms of her passions for reflecting harmony of mind and nature.

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