Bigmama Joy

Bigmama Joy –

bigmama has been writing and performing songs since 2002, when she moved to Charlottesville and teamed up with the “acoustic mafia”. With their help she performed all over C’ville, including opening for Odetta at the old Gravity Lounge (now The Southern Music Hall). Since, she has traveled across the country, playing on a grassroots level, barefoot and busking. She can be seen performing in the Rainbow Gathering documentary Welcome Home (17 minutes in).

She has homemade CD’s that capture the ever evolving “best of” her music. She enjoys the craft of rearranging the instrumentation of songs to keep them fresh and express her eclectic nature through song, story, comedy and spoken word. Her original song lyrics are never predictable and tap into the commonality of the working class, single mothers, struggling artists, and deep thinkers; captivating those who listen in a way that reminds us all, no matter the social status or lot in life, of what really matters. Best of all, she can make you laugh about it all.

She lives primitively in the mountains of Western North Carolina, chopping wood, carrying water, fueled by veggie oil and only the best organic dumpster food with her young crafty daughter and floppy eared pup (both future circus performers), and a slew of other amazing yet random back to the landers.

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